Phase 3 VLM


Phase 3 VLM

Variable Load Module

  • Simulate varied impedance levels
  • Easily switch loads

  • Overview
  • Specifications
  • Accessories
  • Selectable loads 
    The VLM allows testing defibrillators at maximum energy with selectable loads from 25 to 175 ohms, in accordance with AAMI DF-80 and IEC 60601-2-4.
    High-resolution wave graphics and test data are obtained with Phase 3VL software — a standard accessory to the VLM Defibrillator/Pacer Analyzer.
  • Phase 3 – Performance Specifications

    Tests Performed
    Defibrillator Energy, Charge Time and Cardioversion Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Performance
    ECG Monitor Performance
    Pacer Sensitivity, Refractory Periods and Noise Immunity
    Pacer Pulse Characteristics
    Energy Measurement, General:
    Load resistance:50 ohms ±1%, non-inductive
    ECG amplitude at defib pads:1 mV QRS
    WAVEFORM (oscilloscope) Output
    High Range:1000:1 amplitude attenuation
    Low Range:200:1 amplitude attenuation
    Waveform Playback:200: 1 time base expansion
    First Phase Pulse Width:0.1 - 58 msec
    Second Phase Pulse Width:0.1 - 58 msec
    Interphase Delay:0.1 - 58 msec
    Tilt:0 - 99.9%
    Modulation Frequency:1000 - 8000 Hz
    Modulation Duty Cycle:0 - 99.9%
    Test Pulse:46 Joules ±10%
    Defibrillator High Range Energy Test:
    Energy Measurement:0.0 to 600.0 Joules (±1% ±2 LSD)
    Voltage Measurement:0 to 5000 Volts (±1% ±2 LSD)
    Current Measurement:0.0 to 100.0 Amps (±1% ±2 LSD)
    Pulse Width Measurement:0.5 to 58.36 msec (±1% ±2 LSD)
    Trigger Level:80 Volts
    Playback Amplitude:1 mV per 1000 volts on Lead II;
    1 mV per 2000 volts at defib pads
    Test Pulse:126 Joules ±10%
    Defibrillator Low Range Energy Test:
    Energy Measurement:0.0 to 50.0 Joules (±1% ±2 LSD)
    Voltage Measurement:0 to 1000 Volts (±1% ±2 LSD)
    Current Measurement:0.0 to 20.0 Amps (±1% ±2 LSD)
    Pulse Width Measurement:0.5 to 58.36 msec. (±1% ±2 LSD)
    Trigger Level:16 Volts
    Playback Amplitude:1 mV per 200 volts on Lead II;
    1 mV per 400 volts at defib paddles
    Defibrillator Charge Time Test:
    Charge Time Measurement: 0.0 to 99.9 seconds (±1 LSD)
    Defibrillator Cardioversion Test:
    Sync Delay Measurement:-200 to +800 msec. (±1 LSD)
    Delay Target:20 to 65 msec window when enabled
    Sync Point:Selectable, peak of ECG Q or R wave
    AED Performance Test:
    Test Method: Verify AED shock advisory for specified arrhythmia
    Pacemaker Pulse Test:
    Pulse Amplitude Measurement:4 to 250 milliamps, all loads (±1% ±1 LSD)
    Pulse Rate Measurement:20 to 220 PPM (±1% ±1 LSD)
    Pulse Width Measurement:0.5 to 58.36 msec. (±1% ±2 LSD)
    Test Load Range:50 to 1600 ohms, in 50 ohm steps
    WAVEFORM output:50 milliamps per volt, all loads
    Measurement Methods:Average, leading edge, trailing edge, peak
    Test Pulse:145 mA ±10%
    Pacemaker Noise Immunity Test:
    Test Waveform:50Hz or 60Hz sine wave
    Noise Amplitude Range:0.18 to 10.00 mV peak-to-peak
    Noise Amplitude Resolution:0.139 mV
    Pacemaker Sensitivity Test:
    Test Waveform:Square (SQR), Triangle (TRI) or Haversine (SSQ) pulse
    Waveform Width:10, 25, 40, 100, or 200 msec.
    Amplitude Range:0.00 to 3.00 mV peak
    Pacemaker Refractory Period Test:
    Paced Refractory Period (PRP):50 to 750 msec. (±1 LSD)
    Sensed Refractory Period (SRP):50 to 750 msec. (±1 LSD)

    ECG Simulator
    Performance Test Waveforms:
    DC Pulse, 4 seconds, Square Wave, 2 Hz, Triangle Wave, 2 Hz Sine Wave @ 0.1, 0.5, 10, 20, 40, 50, 60, 70, or 100 Hz
    Normal Sinus Rhythm:
    30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 240 or 300 BPM
    Cardioversion, Shock Advisory and AED Test Waveforms:
    Atrial Fibrillation, Coarse
    Atrial Fibrillation, Fine
    Asystole 1 (random, low-frequency baseline fluctuation)
    Asystole 2 (flat line/zero volts) Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT-140)
    VTACH @ 140, 160, 190 BPM Torsades de Pointe @ 200 BPM
    Coarse Ventricular Fibrillation (CVF) / Fine Ventricular Fibrillation (FVF)
    Square Pulse 1ms to 60 BPM
    Arrhythmia Simulations:
    Second Degree A-V Block, Premature Atrial Contraction (PAC), R-on-T PVC
    Right Bundle Branch Block (RBBB), Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC)
    Multifocal PVC, Run of 5 PVC, Bigeminy, Trigeminy
    Pacemaker Test Waveforms:
    SQR (square) Pacer Trigger, width = 2, 25, 40, 100 or 200 msec
    TRI (triangle) Pacer Trigger, width = 10, 25, 40, 100 or 200 msec
    SSQ (haversine) Pacer Trigger, width = 10, 25, 40, 100 or 200 msec
    Performance Specifications:
    Output Level:Selectable, 1 mV, 2 mV or 0.5 mV into ECG Lead II
    Impedance:500 ohms (±0.2%), Amplitude: ±2%
    Non-Volatile Memory
    Data Capacity:
    50 Test Records, 10 Defibrillator Waveform Records, 32 Autosequences
    Test Record Content:
    Device ID, Time/date of test, Test type (Manual or Auto), Device type (defib. or AED)
    Up to 10 defibrillator energy tests (or 32 AED energy tests)
    1 defibrillator charge time test
    Up to 4 defibrillator cardioversion tests
    Up to 12 ECG performance tests
    Up to 10 pacer pulse tests
    1 pacer noise immunity test
    Up to 2 pacer sensitivity tests
    Up to 2 pacer refractory period tests
    LCD (5.2" x 1.5"; 40 characters x 8 lines text; 240 x 64 pixel graphics) Defibrillator Input: Molex 42820-3212
    Pacemaker Input: 2 x safety-style banana jack (red (+)/black (-))
    ECG Simulator Outputs: 10 x safety banana jack (RA; RL; LA; LL; V1-V6)
    Defibrillator/Pacer Waveform Output: 1/8" mono phono jack
    High-Level ECG Output: 1/8" mono phono jack
    USB Port: Type "B", USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 compatible.
    Serial (RS-232) Port: DB9 Male, RS-232C, bi-dir, CTS handshaking, 9600 baud, 8-N-1 Keyboard Port: PS/2 (6-pin miniDIN female)
    Power Supply:
    Internal 12.5V/1.4A-h NiCad, 24 hours of use between charges
    15°C to 40°C, 10% to 90% RH, Indoor Use Only, Category II
    9.5" W x 8" H x 5.5" D (24cm W x 20cm H x 14cm D)
    3 lbs. (1.4 kg)
    All specifications subject to change without notice.
  • Phase 3 Accessories

    3000-449LPS, 120VAC / 18VDC, 1A, Japan
    3000-500LPS, 120VAC / 15VDC (EIAJ-3, C+), 800/1000mA, NA
    3000-501LPS, 240VAC / 15VDC (EIAJ-3, C+), 800mA, UK
    3000-502LPS, 220VAC / 15VDC, 800mA, EURO
    3140-400Cable, Null Modem, DB9F TO DB9F, (Phase 3/Solo to PC via RS-232)
    3140-401Adaptor, Computer Interface, DB9M TO DB25F
    3140-402Adaptor, Printer Interface, DB9M - DB25M
    3140-440Cable, USB 2.0, A/B, 20/28 AWG Phase 3 to PC via USB
    3140-442Modem Cable, DB9F-DB25F, Phase 3 To MedTester
    6930-014Extended Calibration Certificate for Phase 3, DT-359
    7006-050Accessory Bag, 8.5" x 6" x 2.75" (Large)
    7006-051Accessory Bag, 8.5" x 2.9" x 2.6" (Small)
    7006-052Accessory Bag, 7" x 5" x 3" (Medium)
    7006-055Soft Case, Large Multi-Product, 17" x 14" x 11"
    7006-442Soft Carry Case For Phase 3 (Black)
    7200-444Cable Assy - Phase 3 Paddle Adapter Interconnect 9"
    7200-445Cable Assy - Phase 3 Unterm Defib Adapter
    7200-446Cable Assy - Phase 3 Unterm Pacemaker Adapter
    7200-448Cable Assy - Phase 3 Banana Jack Adapter
    7200-451Cable Assy - Phase 3 Paddle Adapter Interconnect 24"
    7200-485Phase 3 Defib Hands Free Cable, Anderson
    7200-486Phase 3 Defib Hands Free Cable, Zoll
    7200-487Phase 3 Defib Hands Free Cable, Physio
    7200-488Phase 3 Hands Free Cable, Philips
    7200-489Phase 3 Defib Hands Free Cable, HP Barrel
    7400-442Assy, Phase 3 Paddle Adapter, Adult
    7400-443Assy, Phase 3 Paddle Adapter, Internal
    7500-424Kit, Serial Adapter, MedTester To Phase3
    7500-425Kit, Banana Plug/ECG Snap Adapter (Set Of 10)
    7500-435Kit, Serial Adapter, ES601 -> P3/Solo, AMPS-1 -> PC (RJ12 -> DB9F) (ES601 to Solo/Phase3)
    7600-051Barcode CCD Scanner (RS232) c/w Case
    7600-052Barcode CCD Scanner (PS-2) Cc/wCase
    8000-460Phase 3 Variable Load Module c/w Accessories

    For more information, view the accessories list page

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