Phase 3 tests Monophasic, Biphasic and Pulsed Multiphasic Defibrillators, AEDs and Transcutaneous Pacers with better than 1% accuracy on either line or battery power.

Detachable Paddle Plate provides easy hands-free testing. Battery provides up to 24 hours of continuous operation.

USB Connectivity
USB Communication capability allows real-time waveform capture and efficient data transfer to your PC.

Real-Time Wave Capture
Capture high-resolution signal data to a PC running Phase3pc software immediately after discharge.

Test Record Storage
Phase 3 provides storage for up to 50 Test Records and up to 10 defibrillator discharge waveforms as Wave Records.

Variable Load Module
Our optional, exclusive VLM allows testing defibrillators at maximum energy with selectable loads from 25 to 175 ohms, in accordance with AAMI DF-80 and IEC 60601-2-4. High-resolution wave graphics and test data are obtained with Phase 3VL software — a standard accessory to the VLM.

Phase 3pc Companion Software
Included as a standard accessory, Phase 3pc allows you to create and edit autosequences, download and store test data and wave graphics to your PC.