Accuracy – Better than 1% on ALL pumps, including Baxter Colleague and Alaris® Signature.

Portability – Infutest Solo allows both line and battery operation. Battery provides up to 30 hours of continuous operation.

Auto-Test Mode – Enables automatic flow and pressure test for VTBI/Dose accuracy tests and more.

Multi Pump Test Results – Infutest Solo will retain the test results for more than 120 pump tests in internal memory until downloaded to a PC.

Keypad Input – Infutest Solo allows the user to enter an equipment control number from the front panel keypad or by using the optional RS-232 barcode scanner to uniquely identify individual tests.

USB Connectivity – Infutest Solo incorporates USB communication capabilities for efficient data transfer to your PC.

Data Transfer – Infutest Solo comes complete with Windows based data transfer program (DTP-Solo) for quick and easy data transfer, plus organization and printing of test results.

ES601 Plus Connectivity – Connect Solo to your ES601 Plus Automated Electrical Safety & Performance Analyzer for the ultimate in capability and flexibility!