vPad-IDE for Windows®

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vPad-IDE for Microsoft Windows®

  • Use your PC to create preventive maintenance (PM) inspection procedures and automated tests for the Vision Pad™ platform
  • Enter inspection steps via text editor or design graphically with the IDE Step Builder
  • Test your PM procedures within the IDE then distribute to vPad tablets via USB, Bluetooth or Internet
  • Built-in library of PM inspection procedures for many types of medical devices
  • Unlimited, full-function software. Not a trial version.

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  • Overview
    vPad-IDE™ is an Integrated Development Environment that enables you to create PM inspection
    procedures and test sequences that will run on the Vision Pad platform. To get you started, vPad-
    IDE comes with a built-in library of generic PM templates to which you may add device-specific
    inspections and tests to satisfy OEM or institutional requirements. Evaluate your PM procedures
    on the PC before downloading them to vPad tablets via USB, Bluetooth or Internet. Convert vPad
    procedures to inspection checklists in PDF or MS Word® compatible format. Document control
    features automate procedure revision control and provide an approvals or sign-off process for your
    PM procedures. Best of all, vPad-IDE is FREE software you can download and try today!