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ESU Analyzer

Introducing vPad-RF, the smallest full featured analyzer for testing Electrosurgical Units (ESUs). Built on Datrend’s revolutionary Vision Pad platform, each unit comes with a built-in HF Digital Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer.

  • Use the many benefits of Android tablet technology to optimize testing
  • Save time, save money, save manpower!
  • Automate test sequences
  • Eliminate human error
  • Easy-to-read graphics and reports
  • User Programmable

  • Overview
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Accessories
  • vPad-RF is the smallest full featured analyzer for testing Electrosurgical Units (ESUs). Built on our Vision Pad platform, vPad-RF has all the functionality you have come to expect from products built on this platform. What really makes this product unique is its built-in HF Digital Scope and Spectrum Analyzer.
    • Digital signal processor (DSP) enables accurate testing of all ESU makes and models, continuous and pulsed-waveforms
    • Integration of ESU testing with HF digital storage oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer functions provides three pieces of test equipment in one
    • High powered RF load provides settings required for all IEC 60601-2-2 tests, including Covidien ForceTriad maintenance procedures
    • Wide measurement range - up to 8.5A
    • Pre-Configured automated PM routines for most major manufacturers
    • Works with vPad safety analyzers and automation apps.
  • vPad-RF Performance Specifications

    HF Power (RMS)
    Range0 - 999.9 W (as derived from HF current)
    Accuracy±(3% of reading + ½W)
    HF Current (RMS)
    Range0 - 5A, int. load bank 0 - 8.5A, ext. load
    Accuracy±(1% of reading + 5mA)
    Voltage (RMS)
    Range0-999.9 V (as derived from HF current)
    Accuracy±(1% of reading + 1V)
    Voltage (Peak)
    Range0 - 9999 V
    Accuracy±(1% of reading + 10V)
    Crest Factor
    1.0 - 999.9 (as derived from peak/RMS ratio)
    Instrument RF Bandwidth (-3dB)
    250 Hz - 12 MHz
    Isolation, PE to MD
    10 kV
    Variable Load
    Range0 - 5115 ohms
    Resolution5 ohms
    Accuracy±1% + 0.5, -0 ohms
    Power, 50% duty cycle200W @ 5 ohms
    400W @ 10 ohms
    600W @ 20 ohms
    600W @ 40 ohms
    600W @ 80 ohms
    600W @ 160 ohms
    600W @ 320 ohms
    600W @ 640 ohms
    530W @ 1280 ohms
    260W @ 2560 ohms
    Operational Duty Cycle
     Up to 100% in manually activated tests
    50% in automated footswitch activation, from 1 to 20 seconds
    Pulsed ESU
    MeasurementsPulse On-time, Off-time & Duty Cycle
    Timing Range0.1 to 6500msec
    Accuracy± 0.2msec
    Pulse Duty Cycle0.1 to 99.9%
    RF Leakage Load
    Resistance2 x 200 ohms
    Power 100% duty16W
    REM / CQM Test Resistance
    Range0 - 1023 ohms
    Resolution1 ohm
    Accuracy±1% + 1, -0 ohms
    HF Digital Oscilloscope
    Vertical Ranges0.125, 0.25, 0.75, 1.5, or 3A / division
    Vertical Range SelectionManual or Automatic
    Horizontal Ranges1.25, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 or 40 µsec / division
    Trigger LevelAdjustable, +/- edge
    HF Spectrum Analyzer
    Vertical RangesNormalized dB or linear
    Horizontal Ranges62.5, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 kHz / division
    Frequency Resolution1.22, 2.44, 4.88, 9.77, 19.5, 39.1 kHz
    User Interface
    Android 10” Tablet providing Graphical User Interface WiFi & Bluetooth communication 12 Gb memory (or more – optional)
    120 Volt power outlet90 to 132 V ac rms,
    47 to 63 Hz, 0.6 A max.
    230 Volt power outlet180 to 264 V ac rms,
    47 to 63 Hz, 0.4 A max.
    Size8.5 x 11.0 x 13 in.
    Weight18 lb.
    Environment15°C to 40°C, 10% to 90% RH, Indoor Use Only, Category II
  • vPad-RF Standard Accessories

    3220-600Shorting Jumper
    7200-570REM test cable, 60", 2 blue banana plug cable with non-retractable safety sleeve to REM enabling plug (pin intact)
    7200-572Dispersive lead for HF Leakage Test, 60", 1 blue banana plug with non-retractable safety sleeve to REM disabling plug
    7200-574Test Lead, 30" red, with 2 retractable sleeve banana plugs
    7200-575Test Lead, 30" black, with 2 retractable sleeve banana plugs
    7500-430Kit, Banana Test Lead/Crocodile Clip, Green

    vPad-RF Optional Accessories

    7200-540Valley Lab Foot Switch Cable, Cut/Coag, Monopolar
    7200-541Force Triad Foot Switch Cable, Cut/Coag
    7200-542Conmed Foot Switch Cable, Cut/Coag, Monopolar
    7200-543Erbe ICC350 Foot Switch Cable, Cut/Coag
    7200-544Multi ESU Foot Switch Cable, BiPolar
    7200-545Bowa Foot Switch Cable, Cut/Coag, MonoPolar
    7200-546Olympus Foot Switch Cable, BiPolar
    7200-547Olympus Foot Switch Cable, Cut/Coag, MonoPolar
    7200-548Unterminated ESU Foot Switch Cable
    7200-549Bifurcated Foot Switch Cable, Unterminated at ESU
    7200-557Force Triad Foot Switch Cable, Mono/Bipolar
    7200-558Conmed Foot Switch Cable, Mono/Bipolar
    7200-559Valleylab Foot Switch Cable, Mono/Bipolar
    7200-571REM test cable, 60", 2 blue banana plug cable with non-retractable safety sleeve to REM enabling plug (made from disposable REM cable with pin removed)
    7200-573Test pencil, Monopolar, 2 button, Valley Lab, Conmed, Olympus, others with 10" red lead and retractable sleeve banana plug
    7200-576Activation Jumper, Cross Coupling Test Plug (Conmed)
    7200-577Force Triad UFP to banana Cable Assembly
    7200-578Olympus ESG-400 'E001' Test cable
    7200-579Olympus ESG-400 'AEOP' Test cable
    7200-580Force Triad calibration key (2 black dots)
    7500-150Covidien Force Triad Test Accessory Kit (7200-557 + 7200-577 +7200-571 +7200-580)
    7500-151ValleyLab FX Test Accessory Kit (7200-559 + 7200-577 + 7200-571)
    7500-152Conmed 5000 Test Accessory Kit (7200-558 + 7200-576)
    7500-153Olympus ESG-400 Test Accessory Kit (7200-578 + 7200-579)

    For more information, view the accessories list page

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