The Next Generation Infant Incubator & Radiant Warmer Testing System

  • Tests to IEC 60601-2-19, 2-20 and 2-21
  • Follows both Edition 1 and Edition 2 of Standard
  • Built on the Vision-Pad platform to give you greater flexibility and scalability
  • Wireless control of tests within incubator
  • Changes to test can be made without disturbing heat environment
  • Measures all parameters automatically following user-defined protocols
  • Results can be automatically merged with Electrical Safety test results
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vPad-IN is a next generation infant incubator and radiant warmer testing system that meets the requirements of the IEC Standards for Incubators (IEC 60601-2-19), Infant Transport Incubators (IEC 60601-2-20) and Radiant Warmers (IEC 60601-2-21).

vPad-IN has all the functionality and scalability that you have come to expect from Vision-Pad Technology products. Parameters are sensed inside the incubator environment and results are transmitted wirelessly to a 10.1″ Android tablet for analysis and display. Test parameters and test protocols can be modified without disturbing the equilibrium of the heated environment, thereby minimizing test times.

Compatible with closed, forced air convection incubators, and open, radiant infant warmers.

  • Simultaneously measures humidity, airflow, sound, and 6 different temperatures
  • Tests are carried out in accordance with IEC 60601-2-19, IEC 60601-2-20, and IEC 60601-2-21
  • All sensors are independently movable, to be placed in positions required by the Standard
  • Sound level measurements may be taken outside the incubator for external alarm test
  • Results can be automatically merged with vPad Electrical Safety test results
  • Optional precision controlled heater can accurately test body temperature sensors

Standard Apps

Datrend Docs

Datrend Docs

Save, Store and Find Technical Documents.

The vPad Datrend Docs is a technical document library, ideal for storing electronic manuals, procedures and specifications. Datrend Docs is included with all vPad products and comes installed with all Operator Manuals for the vPad family.

Record Manager

Record Manager

View/Print/Convert and Copy Test Reports.

Record Manager provides direct access to all test reports created by the vPad Apps. Reports can be reviewed on screen. In addition, reports can be converted to PDF documents; printed to a wireless printer; or copied to USB or a Bluetooth device (PC) one at a time, or in user-selected groups. Test records can also be transferred directly to DropboxTM, box, Google Drive and OneDrive. File management has never been so easy or complete on a basic manual safety tester.



Enables real-time testing of airflow, humidity, sound & temperatures.

vPad-INR enables users to take measurements and capture data using all of vPad-IN sensors without waiting hours (IEC standards) for steady state temperature readings – ideal for when called into the ICU to diagnose a fault on an incubator.

Optional Apps



This App enables biomedical technicians to test medical thermometers, temperature probes, and temperature displays.

Using the vPad-IN Oven, this App controls the oven, creates test records, and works independently from the vPad-IN system.



Automation App for testing Transporting Incubators



Automation App for testing Radiant Warmers

Power Cord


AC Input For 6W/15W WPI SPS, NA


AC Input For 6W/15W WPI SPS, EU


AC Input For 6W/15W WPI SPS, UK


AC Input For 6W/15W WPI SPS, AU

Companion Product


vPad-IN Oven



4-Blade Set For AC Input For 6W/15W WPI SPS (Oxitest) Contains NA, EU, UK & AU/CN

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