Vision-Pad Technology™

A New Era in Testing Devices

Touch Screen Technology + Hi-Resolution Graphical Interface

Vision-Pad Technology™ uses an Android tablet to function as the display and control unit for our vPad series of electrical safety testing devices. Our Vision-Pad Technology™ offers unprecedented usability and scalability: 10.1″ (1920×1200) color display, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, USB, 32 GB memory, and much more.

Vision-Pad Technology™ – with its easy-to-read and easy-to-use interface – comes standard with our vPad series of electrical safety testing devices, including our vPad-Rugged, vPad-ES, and vPad-623 Manual Electrical Safety Analyzers.

Main content

  • Hi-resolution Graphical User Interface
  • Large, bold fonts for easy reading of test results
  • Icon based test functions
  • On-line Test Procedure display capability
  • Touch screen interface with optional keypad or mouse
  • Unlimited user comments in test records
  • Wireless communication to PC and Printer
  • 32GB of memory plus expandable storage using MicroSD
  • Apps-based upgrade path

Use our standard vPad Apps or run optional vPad Apps for even more product functionality. Automate test sequences, export files, manage records and more with apps designed specifically for the vPad platform.

  • App-Pack-A6
  • App-Pack-C
  • App-Pack-G
  • CMMS-mT
  • CMMS-Nuvolo
  • Datrend Docs
  • Record Manager
  • vPad-353
  • vPad-623
  • vPad-A1
  • vPad-A3
  • vPad-A6
  • vPad-AIMS
  • vPad-AS
  • vPad-CAL
  • vPad-Check
  • vPad-CNX
  • vPad-EQM
  • vPad-EQT
  • vPad-ES
  • vPad-HEMS
  • vPad-INR
  • vPad-IV
  • vPad-MediMizer
  • vPad-Medusa
  • vPad-mT
  • vPad-NFPA
  • vPad-PM Tag
  • vPad-Reports
  • vPad-RF
  • vPad-RF Remote
  • vPad-RW
  • vPad-STM
  • vPad-TI
  • vPad-TMA
  • vPad-TMP
  • vPad-XPORT

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