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CMMS Applications

There are many commercially available Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) Systems on the market today, some are cloud-based solutions, and while others use the Server-Client based model.

Datrend is at the forefront of CMMS integration, and has the means to integrate to both designs.

With all inventory, procedures, and work orders residing in a CMMS system, the Vision-Pad (vPad) solution can download all current information on equipment that needs to be tested, so that users can find equipment via control numbers and run their associated procedures, run procedures and assign to equipment ID’s, or find procedures via work orders.

When the tests are complete, the results for each piece of equipment are then uploaded back to the CMMS system. The next time the equipment is downloaded for testing, it will be based on the schedule and work order associated to that piece of equipment, so that users only need to focus on what is current and sometimes what is assigned to them.

Datrend Safety Analyzers communicate with many commercially available CMMS Systems. Currently, there are integrations available for:

*Support for vPad-ES/ES 2/Rugged/Rugged 2

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