Ultimate Infusion Device Analyzer

  • Field configuration between 1-6 channels
  • Large Intuitive User Interface
  • Simple Automatic Pass/Fail Testing
  • Built-in Autosequence Editor
  • Full range class-leading accuracy from 0.1 – 3000 ml/hr
  • Conforms to all IEC 60601-2-24 test requirements
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vPad-IV is the most advanced Infusion Device Analyzer on the market today. 

Its unique yet simple slide-and-click modular system will allow users to arbitrarily configure each analyzer between 1 – 6 channels. Meaning you could start with a single channel today and add more testing capabilities over time to increase your testing throughput since simultaneous testing can be done on all available channels. The modular system will also allow you to send an individual channel to an authorized service center for annual calibration while minimizing your down-time, or perhaps you wanted to reconfigure your vPad-IV into a portable unit before visiting an offsite location. 

vPad-IV conforms to all IEC 60601-2-24 test requirements for Infusion Pumps & Pump Controllers. In addition to the expected flow and volume testing, vPad-IV comes standard with dual-rate (Keep-Vein-Open/Piggyback) testing, PCA pump testing with built-in trigger, Occlusion Pressure testing, and even Channel-Linking for multi-channel infusion devices. 

With its large 10” LCD touch screen, vPad-IV is both intuitive and easy-to-use. Users could choose between Test View where all available measurements are continuously updated, Graph View with multiple live graphs to choose from, and All-Channel View to monitor test progress for all available channels. Further, Trumpet Curve and statistical analysis can be done directly on the tablet without using a PC! 

vPad-IV includes a built-in Autosequence Editor which allows users to create and modify automatic test sequences to best fit their organizational testing needs to not only test consistently for infusions pumps they need to maintain, but also allow increased efficiency and consistent testing between users within the organization. Each Autosequence can be configured to include any combination of tests available from vPad-IV, as well as informational prompt messages and pass/fail check items that are often necessary during Preventive Maintenance or post-repair testing. With auto recall of past tests for the same asset, your efficiency will increase even more over time. 

vPad-IV comes standard with many features our vPad customers are familiar with such as video instructions, built-in user managed service manuals, test record management, cloud integration, remote upgrade, screen-share support, and much more.  And as the name suggests, vPad-IV is fully compatible with Datrend’s Vision-Pad platform, by allowing control from a vPad-ES or vPad-Rugged Electrical Safety Analyzer, users can create a multi-device test environment to include results from electrical safety testing, test equipment used during tests with calibration data, and results from an expanded checklist all on a single test report. 

Take your infusion device testing to the next level with vPad-IV today! 

  • Conforms to all IEC 60601-2-24 test requirements for Infusion Pumps & Pump Controllers 
  • Modular, expandable system can be arbitrarily configured as 1 to 6 channels   
  • Completely independent channels enable differing tests and inspections to be executed simultaneously
  • Automatic or Manual Flow, Piggyback/KVO, PCA Pumps, and Occlusion Pressure tests  
  • Automated test setups provide user-defined pass/fail conditions  
  • User-managed test sequences combine PM Checklists and Automated Testing  
  • Large 10” high-resolution LCD touch screen
  • Integrates with existing vPad platform  
  • Full-range class-leading accuracy from 0.1 – 3000 ml/hr  

Standard Apps

Datrend Docs

Datrend Docs

Save, Store and Find Technical Documents.

The vPad Datrend Docs is a technical document library, ideal for storing electronic manuals, procedures and specifications. Datrend Docs comes installed with all Operator Manuals for the vPad family.

Record Manager

Record Manager

View/Print/Convert and Copy Test Reports.

Record Manager provides direct access to all test reports created by the vPad Apps. Reports can be reviewed on screen. In addition, reports can be converted to PDF documents; printed to a wireless printer; or copied to USB or a Bluetooth device (PC) one at a time, or in user-selected groups. Test records can also be transferred directly to DropboxTM, box, Google Drive and OneDrive. File management has never been so easy or complete on a basic manual safety tester.

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