vPad-IDE™ for Microsoft Windows®

  • Use your PC to create preventive maintenance (PM) inspection procedures and automated tests for the Vision-Pad™ platform
  • Enter inspection steps via text editor or design graphically with the IDE Step Builder
  • Test your PM procedures within the IDE then distribute to vPad tablets via USB, Bluetooth or Internet
  • Built-in library of PM inspection procedures for many types of medical devices
  • Unlimited, full-function software. Not a trial version.

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A tool for PM Procedure Creation

vPad-IDE™ is an Integrated Development Environment that enables you to create PM inspection procedures and test sequences that will run on the Vision-Pad platform.

To get you started, vPad-IDE comes with a built-in library of generic PM templates to which you may add device-specific inspections and tests to satisfy OEM or institutional requirements.

  • Evaluate your PM procedures on the PC before downloading them to vPad tablets via USB, Bluetooth or Internet.
  • Convert vPad procedures to inspection checklists in PDF or MS Word® compatible format.
  • Document control features automate revision control and provide an approval or sign-off process for your organization.

Best of all, vPad-IDE is FREE software you can download and try today!

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