Standard Apps

vPad-ESvPad-ES: Begin your Vision Pad experience with a new standard in ‘basic’ manual testing for creating automation sequences for an almost limitless amount of scenarios. Name the autosequences and then add additional details in the description field. Display test Instructions along with pictures or video to fully describe testing steps.
Record ManagerRecord Manager:  View/Print/Convert and Copy Test Reports.
Record Manager provides direct access to all test reports created by the vPad Apps.Reports can be reviewed on screen. In addition, reports can be converted to PDF documents; printed to a wireless printer; or copied to USB or a Bluetooth device (PC) one at a time, or in user selected groups. File management has never been so easy or complete on a basic manual safety tester.
FINAL_DOCS_AppDatrend Docs: Save, store and find technical documents.
The vPad Datrend Docs is a technical document library, ideal for storing electronic manuals, procedures and specifications. Datrend Docs is included with all vPad products.
Optional Apps
vPad-NFPA Blue tabletvPad-ASvPad-AS: Expand your inspection capabilities, standardize your test methods, and reduce testing times. more vPad-CHECKvPad Check: The ultimate level of automation. more
vPad-XPORTvPad-XPORT: Convert files to be ready in almost any program. more vPad-CALvPad-CAL: Track the test equipment inventory, its calibration status, and include this information in the test record. more
vPad-mTvPad-mT: Export Medtester files to a vPad compatible file.more vPad-STM 2 128vPad-STM: Create automated electrical safety tests. more
vPad-EQMvPad-EQM: Track quipment and work orders. more