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Datrend Systems launches vPad-EQT™ and vPad-Medusa™

June 6, 2019

Datrend Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of 2 new Apps for their range of
Automated Electrical Safety Analyzers.

vPad-EQT provides an integrated, stand-alone solution for electrical safety testing, visual
inspection and performance testing of all types of equipment. This app implements automated
safety testing according to IEC62353, IEC60601, IEC61010 and NFPA99 standards and provides
a basic level of visual inspection and performance test capability with a built-in checklist
interpreter. A system of equipment records is maintained by the app, enabling immediate
recall of equipment information and test protocol.

vPad-Medusa is the latest in a range of tablet based CMMS Interface Apps. This app allows
users to remotely download work orders from their Softpro Medical Solutions Medusa CMMS
system via a web interface directly onto their test device, carry out the required preventative
maintenance procedure and upload the test data seamlessly back into the Medusa system.
All this is achieved without the need of a laptop or notebook.

Ron Evans, President of Datrend Systems stated, “The addition of these two apps will
enhance the user experience and will enable users in Europe to benefit from the savings and
improved traceability currently being experienced by vPad users in the North American
market. Utilizing customer feedback, we are adding features and additional CMMS Interfaces
to the vPad platform to further streamline our customer’s preventative maintenance
processes which will allow them to better utilize their resources.”

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